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It would be a long flight to go all the way to Egypt just to taste real nutritious bread the way that it was originally made! Ancient Pita brings this tradition of health and simplicity to you by using a combination of traditional Egyptian practices using the finest ingredients found in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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Ancient Recipe

The methods and ingredients Egyptians used from thousands of years ago are still being used today with our breads.

Stove Oven Baked

Using traditional stone ovens is the most authentic and best way to create our popular fresh and delicious breads.

Made Healthy

Our breads are high in fibre, sugar free, low sodium with ZERO trans fat, no added preservatives or saturated fats.

Refined over time

Made from Centuries of Experience

About Us

Out History

Bread was the most important part of the ancient Egyptian diet. With no rice, maize or potatoes the early Egyptians relied on wheat and barley to provide the carbohydrates they needed for a healthy, energetic lifestyle. Regardless of social class, pita bread was a staple and central to the nourishment of all Egyptians. Thousands of years later despite advancements in chemical food preservation, Ancient Pita has stayed true to the original recipe that has never failed the Egyptians.